Documentation Authentication

Documentation Authentication

International Passport & Visa has been providing fast, reliable, efficient and secure documentation authentication, legalization and apostle services in Beverly Hills since 1980.


Official documents produced in the United States and have the seal of a notary public, state or federal official, are typically not valid in other countries unless they have been authenticated by the United States Government and legalized by the consulate of the desired country.

Approximately 50 countries have signed the Hague Convention on Documents, which allows for an abbreviated legalization process called an apostle. An apostle is an official state-issued stamp or attachment to any public or private document that makes the document legal for use in any country that has signed the Hague Convention on Documents.


The full authentication/legalization and apostle processes typically involve several government agencies and can be rather time-consuming as illustrated by the following necessary steps:

  1. The document must be notarized.
  2. The notarized document should be taken to the local court house or county registrar office to obtain a notary certification. This notary certification confirms that the notary public that endorsed the document is authorized to do so in your state.
  3. The document should be submitted to the Secretary of State to obtain verification of the county clerk’s signature.
  4. The document should be taken to the relevant embassy or consulate for the apostle seal.

Some countries require the document to be submitted for verification to the State Department before obtaining the apostle seal.

International Passport and Visa will provide you with full service assistance in the authentication/ legalization, and apostle processes.

In order to use International Passport and Visa services for documentation authentication, please send us the notarized documents and a cover letter indicating the services you require. If a document needs to be legalized for more than one country, send a separate original of the document for each country.


International Passport & Visa Service Fees:

  • $100 for each step – Steps 2-4 (12-15 business days)
  • $150 for each step – Steps 2-4 (5-7 business days)

The above fees DO NOT include the fees required by county registrar office, Secretary of State and relevant embassy or consulate.

We accept credit cards & cash for service payments
Government fees are payable by check or money order