Libya Visa


Restrictions on the use of a U.S. passport for travel to, in, or through Libya have been lifted as of February 2004.
At this time, neither Libya nor the U.S. provides visa services in each other’s countries. U.S. visitors to Libya should therefore plan to obtain a visa via a third country. Visa applications and inquiries may be made through the Libyan Mission to the United Nations in New York, (202/944-9601).
Within 3 days of arrival, visitors must register at the police station nearest where they will be residing. Attention: U.S. citizens need a U.S. Treasury Department license in order to engage in any transactions related to travel to and within Libya.
Before planning any travel to Libya, U.S. citizens should contact the Licensing Division, Office of Foreign Assets Control, U.S. Department of Treasury, (202/622-2480).