Tips To Complete The Application

Attention: When you access the application site, you may get the message: “untrusted connection.”

This is because the security certificate was issued by a Brazilian chain and is not recognized by most browsers.

Please proceed as follows:

If you are using Firefox browser, click on “I understand the risk” and “Add an Exception”; on the next window, wait a little bit and then click on “Confirm security exception”; you will be redirected to the visa request home page;
If you are using Windows Internet Explorer, click on “Continue to this website (not recommended)” and you will be redirected to the visa request home page.
NOTE: You must complete the entire application online before you are able to print out the form with your individual protocol number.

The visa application/protocol form is valid for only 30 days from its issuance date. After 30 days, a new protocol number must be acquired by completing a new visa application/protocol form.