UK Passport Photos

All passport applications must include two identical recent photographs. The photographs you send us must meet internationally agreed standards and must be a true likeness of you. The guidance in the following pages will help you send us acceptable photographs, and will help avoid the need for us to ask for more photographs. If you are renewing your passport, you only need to get your form countersigned and a photograph certified if you look very different from the photograph in your most recent passport.


The UK passport photos must be:
  • identical
  • in color, not black and white
  • taken within the last month
  • taken against a plain light grey or plain cream background
  • 45 millimeters (mm) high x 35 millimeters (mm) wide (do not trim your photographs to meet this condition)
  • fit into the template, with your eyes positioned in the area marked by the shaded band
  • undamaged, for example; not torn, creased, or marked
  • free from shadows
  • printed on plain white photographic paper
  • taken with your eyes open and clearly visible (no sunglasses/tinted glasses, and no hair across your eyes)
  • free from reflection or glare on your glasses, and the frames must not cover your eyes (where possible, we recommend that you remove your glasses)
  • free from red-eye
  • of you facing forward, looking straight at the camera
  • with a neutral expression and your mouth closed (no grinning, frowning or raised eyebrows)
  • of you on your own (no baby’s dummy, toys or other people on the photo)
  • taken of the full head, without any covering, unless it is worn for religious beliefs or medical reasons; and
    taken with nothing covering your face.

Photographic Template


The UK passport photos must:
  • be in sharp focus and clear
  • have a strong definition between face and background
  • be printed professionally. Photographs printed at home are not likely to be of an acceptable quality
  • If your application needs to be countersigned, please ask your counter-signatory to certify only one of your photographs, the second photograph must be left blank



UK passport photos for children aged six and over must meet the full standards set out in this guide.
UK passport photos of children five years and under must show a clear image that is a true likeness of the child. As young children can be difficult to photograph, children aged five and under do not need to have a neutral expression or to look directly at the camera, but they must face forward.
In addition to the exceptions above, babies under one year old does not need to have their eyes open (however it is preferable for eyes to remain open). All other standards must be met. If the baby’s head needs to be supported, it is important that your supporting hand cannot be seen.
If you have real difficulty in meeting these conditions, you should visit a photographic studio rather than a photo booth. If the application is for someone under 16 (including babies) the counter-signatory must sign the application form at section 10 to confirm that they have known the adult who signed section 9 for at least two years certify one of the photographs as described above, stating the child’s full name.

Photographic Examples

The following photographs are for guidance only. They give an indication of the type of photographs that are acceptable to the Identity & Passport service; it also provides examples of the differing types that would fail the examination process, with the reasons for failure.
Please note that it is your responsibility to provide photographs of a suitable quality that conform to our guidelines. You will be asked for additional photographs if the originals do not reach the required standard, this will delay your application. If you choose to use a professional photographer please ensure that you are happy that the photographer is aware of the standards required, particularly that the photo will not show a white background once printed.
Please also note that photographs become part of our official records and we will not return them.

Photo Examples #1

Photo Examples #2

Photo Examples #3