replace your limited us passportReplace Your Limited US Passport (Issued in US)

Requirements to replace Limited US passport. For other passport services please click here
1. IPV Service Request Form (ONLY if you are sending your documents)
2.IPV Authorization Letter
You MUST check the first box + second OR third box (Your application gets rejected if you select ONLY third box). Please HAND WRITE our company’s name for “Courier Company Name”.
3. Application Form DS-5504 (Click the link to do Application online Hand written applications will be rejected by Government)
4. Current Valid US Passport
5. Documents specified by Passport Agency when passport was issued
6. Travel Itinerary
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1 – International Passport & Visa Authorization Letter
International Passport & Visa Authorization Letter
Please NOTE: For us to expedite the processing your passport application you MUST check the first box on the left. It is ALSO required to check one of the next two options. Your application gets rejected if you select ONLY third box. Please HAND WRITE our company’s name for “Courier Company Name”.
2 – Your current, valid US Passport
3 – Application for a U.S. Passport: Name Change, Data Correction, and Limited Passport Book Replacement
Note: Application is not compatible with Safari web browser.
4 – Documentation
The necessary documentations as specified by Passport Services at the time your passport was issued. The documentation required for replacement with a new, fully valid passport depends upon the reason for limiting the original passport.
5 – One Recent US Standard Size Passport Photograph
See Passport Photo Requirements
6 – Proof of Travel
Copy of your travel itinerary OR a business letter on your company’s letter.
You have to provide proof of travel overseas in the next 2 weeks (if no visa is required) and in the next 4 weeks (if a visa is required).


Replace Your Limited US Passport
A limited validity passport describes any passport issued with less than full 10-year validity for those 16 years and older and less than 5-year validity for those under age 16. Passports are issued with limited in validity due to multiple losses, lack of citizenship evidence or identity and lost or stolen while you are overseas.
Please don’t hold on to your application and other paperwork when signed and dated. Send them to us ASAP. Once the documents are dated they must be in our office within four calendar days, and submitted to the Government on the fifth day; applications will be rejected if not submitted within five calendar days from signed date.
If your limited passport was issued more than one year ago visit US Passport Renewal page.
If your limited passport was issued less than one year ago please note that:
  1. There will be no charge if you apply for the correction of the error while the passport is still valid even if processed within a time period equivalent to Expedited Processing.
  2. Passports limited in validity due to multiple losses cannot be extended.


Passport Fees
Time FrameworkOur feeGovernment FeeTotal
10 Business Days Service*$185$60$245
7 Business Days Service*$240$60$300
3 to 4 Business Days*$280$60$340
2 Business Days*$380$60$440
Please Note:
  • The processing of passport applications start the day after your documents are completed and ready to submit.
  • Due to the limited number of applications we can process on same day/8 hours, you need to call our office on 310-274-2020 to reserve the slot.
  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express credit cards, checks (only CA checks) and money orders.
Shipping Fees
FedEx ChargesUSA Only
$40.00FedEx (2nd Business Day)
$45.00FedEx (Priority Overnight)
$80.00FedEx (First Overnight)
$70.00FedEx (Saturday Delivery)
$90.00Alaska & Hawaii (Priority Overnight Only)

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