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After gathering all the required documents – Download and complete our Service Request form.

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Applicant must submit a color scan of their valid, signed passport.

Passport must be valid for at least SIX (6) months after the intended arrival to India.

Passport must also have at least one (1) completely blank page for visa stamping upon arrival in India. Amendment pages do not count.

Non-U.S. passport holders, applying for any type of visa will be eligible only for Short Validity Visas not exceeding six (6) months.

One (1) digital, color, passport style photograph (no glasses may be worn). The photos must be recent and generally should not be the same used for the passport itself.

A flight reservation from a travel agency or online booking tool (such as an e-confirmation) showing departure from the U.S. and arrival/departure for the destination.

  • The itinerary must show the applicant's name, date of arrival and departure from the country, and flight information.

If traveling on business, applicant must submit a color scan of their business card.

Download and complete the E-Visa Questionnaire.

Please answer all questions when filling out the questionnaire. If a question does not apply to you, please write "N/A". Do not leave it blank.

Download India E-Visa Questionnaire

Download and complete our Service Request Form.

Download IPV Service Request Form


Validity of a visa is the length of period that the visa is good for, namely from the issuing date to the deadline of entering India for the bearer of the visa.

A visa becomes void once validity expires regardless of whether its entries are used or not. The visa holder should apply for a new visa if he or she intends to visit India again.

Entries are the number of times permitted to enter India during the validity of a visa. A visa becomes invalid if there is no more valid number of entries left. To use such a visa will lead to decline of entry.

  • Passport must be valid for at least 6 months at the date of your arrival.
  • Passport must have at least two blank visa pages.
  • Must have your e-Visa printout which has been e-mailed to you.
  • Must have your ticket showing your departure date from India.
  • Must have enough money for your stay in India.
  • Must have Yellow Fever Vaccination Card if arriving from Yellow Fever affected countries.

Additional Info

  • E-Visas is processed and issued electronically and sent to you by email. When you arrive in India, your bio-metric information is taken and the visa is stamped in your passport.
  • India e-Visas are usually valid and are issued for tourism, business and medical purposes and ONLY valid for travelers arriving at 25 international airports and 5 seaports.
  • Online visa application for India e-Visa MUST be submitted not later than 4 days prior to departure, and not earlier than 120 days from the arrival date in India. Once it is issued, it is not extendable, it is not convertible, and it is not valid for visiting Protected/Restricted areas.
  • A gap of two months required between visits to India of a foreign national on a Tourist Visa applies only to the nationals of Afghanistan, China, Iran, Pakistan, Iraq, Sudan, and Stateless persons.

Service Fees

12-15 business days
plus $180 Government fee

Multiple Entry
10 year validity
8-10 business days
plus $180 Government fee

Multiple Entry
10 year validity

Non-U.S. citizens may be subject to higher consular fees than U.S. citizens. Processing times may be longer.

Five year visas are issued only at the discretion of the consulate; a shorter term visa may be substituted without refund.

There is a charge of $40 to re-do/correct errors of your application online.

We accept credit cards & cash for service payments
Government fees are payable by check or money order

How to apply

Just email us your documents.

E-Visas are handled electronically and no physical documents need to be sent.


Before emailing your documents, please download and complete our IPV Service Request Form and include it with the rest of your documents.

Download IPV Service Request Form

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